DivaBra 3501-NUD Beige Backless and Strapless Push-Up Bra Classic with Adhesive Transparent Wings


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Manufacturer Description

Strapless Dresses or tops or portrait necklines? Then You need a DivaBra®
Every girl love to show off her neckline!
And that is, can you resist wearing summer trends, a strapless at the wedding of your best friend, or dazzling with that strapless dress on New Year's Eve party?
Why giving up dressing as you like because you do not have the appropriate bra for your best TOP fashion?
The special bra collection of DivaBra® allows you wear all kinds of impossible clothing: from tops without back or shoulder straps, even your most suggestive clothing!
Do you prefer insunuating that showing?
The secret of a nice cleavage is to use a proper bra that enhances the chest, one of the more feminine and sexy parts of your anatomy.
Do you think that clothes don't fit you properly because you do not have a perfect size?
Don't be fooled! All you need is to find the right bra model for each type of neckline.
It's as easy as that!
Bra for dresses with open back or Deep plunge tops.
What summer would be without your dresses and tops with an open back?
Do not let the bra be a problem.
If you like dresses with transparencies and laces, you can use invisible back models with and without straps or choose a lace bra that combines with the dress and seems to form part of it. What a great idea!
Enhances your dresses, with strapless bra and molded cups that help maintain your chest in place and give a nice form to the plunge.
You will be able to use your DivaBra® up to 50 times, if you follow our instructions written in the care manual which you can find in the box of your DivaBra®.

Product Features

Do you care about your skin? We also care about it...DivaBra® is the original, the authentic. Our adhesive is dermatologically tested, and is strong enough to stay in place for more than 8 hours, it makes you feel comfortable and held, and you can easily put on and remove your DivaBra® more than 50 times. DivaBra® is the only bra with transparent adhesive side wings (patented system). It is like a normal bra, but without straps and zipper on the back. Do you want a beautiful neckline? All our products have Push-Up effects with a very small pillow, strategically placed on the sides, which makes your breasts enhance and come together at the same time, making you look a divine neckline! To choose your size, please, use the drop-down size selection, where you will see the USA size equivalences of normal bra. Choosing your right size you will ensure a perfect fit. Dresses or tops with strapless or back necklines? Use our Black DivaBra® Classic, so you can feel safe and held, without losing comfort. You will feel you are not wearing bra 10 minutes after wearing your DivaBra®...There is nothing more comfortable, practical and effective at the same time. It works, and we can guarantee it! Thousands of customers around the world have discovered the best kept secret. Presentation, Instructions and Mode of Use: DivaBra@ comes in a box, so its cups does not get damage during shipping or handling in the stores and at the same time it ensures an optimal state of the bra. Rejects bad copies that are only sent in a simple plastic which damage the cups and they also mark wrinkles in your tops or dresses due to the poor condition of the cups. Inside the box you will find a manual in 5 languages, so you don't have any doubt. Hundreds of celebrities and now you, you all have relied on DivaBra® as your best kept secret. Follow us on the social networks, where you can watch videos, reviews, ideas, tips, and hundreds of looks of our celebrities and famous who use DivaBra® to look so beautiful. Find us on all networks as "DIVABRA", and follow us!

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