Daisies Reusable Nipple Cover Pasties Bra No Show Petals #1 Breast Petals


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Manufacturer Description

Introducing Daisies Nipple Pasties Nippleless Covers, reusable adhesive silicone nipple covers made from second skin matte silicone for seamless and invisible nipple coverage. Daisies Pasties for women also double as waterproof pasties, they are the only nipple cover that you can wear with your swimsuit and sports bra. Our advanced medical grade silicone adhesive from Germany is proven to be skin friendly and long lasting. Just read our reviews, our customers love their Nudwear nipple concealers, they are the only breast petals you need! No more painful fashion tape, boop tape or nipple stickers.


- Ultra-thin invisible edges blend seamlessly into your skin for invisible nippleshield

- Smooth buttery premium grade second skin matte silicone finish doesn't reflect light

- Large pasties design also works for women with larger nipples. Each petal bra nipple cover measures 3in (9cm) in diameter

- Floral shape of the nipple petals gives an enhanced adhesion to skin

- Skin friendly and hypoallergenic silicone material and adhesive is painless to remove unlike traditional nipple stickers

- 100% Waterproof silicone gel petals, the only waterproof nipple covers in the market, these are the perfect no show breast petals for those tricky white bikinis

- Best reusable pasties, washable and reusable dozens of times

- Ouch free & painless to remove, goodbye to painful nipple tape and boob tape

- FREE travel case included for style on-the-go

- Daisies Reusable Pasties are our best seller and the only pair of women's pasties you need for optimal nipple coverage and concealment. Our Daisies silicone cover ups are available in two colors.

(1)Beige Nude Pasties

(2)Brown Pasties

Product Features

REUSABLE SELF-ADHESIVE PASTIES: Daisies Silicone Nipple Covers No Show Breast Petals are self-adhesive and reusable. We use a premium medical grade adhesive from Germany that guarantees a secure fit all day or night long no matter what. 100% skin friendly and hypo allergenic, our adhesive is proven to have the longest staying power of any nipple cover and will last you the longest. ENHANCED DESIGN: Ultra-thin invisible edges blend seamlessly into your skin with just the right thickness in the center for the nipple coverage you need. Floral shaped nipple petals give a more secure fit and seamless coverage then traditional nipple concealers that can leave ridges and lumps. Large 3in (9cm) diameter also gives better coverage and then traditional nippies or silicone cover ups that are only 5-6cm in diameter barely giving your nipples any coverage. PREMIUM QUALITY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Quality matters to us and our Daisies breast pasties and nipple cover ups are made from 100% medical grade second skin matte finish silicone that doesn't reflect light or show through clothing (paparazzi proof!). These are premium grade matte silicone that feels like second skin with a smooth and buttery finish. We know you will love them and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nipple tape! WATERPROOF NIPPLE COVERS: Daisies silicone cover ups are 100% waterproof, the only waterproof nipple petals that can be worn under sports bras, swimsuits and those tricky white bikini tops! FREE TRAVEL CASE: Daisies gel petals come in a sleek protective nipple cover travel case for style on-the-go. Designed to be small enough to be carried in your handbag, you'll be sure you always have your nipple concealers when you need them. The only pasties bra you need!

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